Precompiled Linux Kernels for Alphas

This page contains links for downloading binary compiled kernel and modules in compressed tarballs.

Generic and DP264 kernels have been tested for succesfully booting and running applications up to LXDE Desktop on DS10 and DS20.

Miata and Multia kernels have been tested less, or nothing, on respective hardware.


Linux 3.4.62
Generic Alpha

Miata PWS


Debian packages

Some Debian Lenny packages recompiled with enhanced features are available at the public repository, for alpha and i386 architectures.

In particular, the following packages are present at this time:
- VMSCD (Open)VMS ODS-2 disk reader (list and copy files, works with ISO images too)
- VTserver 2.3a PDP11 boot loader and Linux daemon for sending data over serial line

To browse and download:

To add to apt sources, simply put the following line in /etc/apt/sources.list

deb lenny main