Hello :)

Welcome to DECadence.IT !

This is my personal site, which is simply a container of information about my retrocomputing collection.
This is the fourth time I rebuild my personal site, so I think it is the time for writing a small introduction.

Something about myself....
My name is Gianluca Bonetti, I am a software developer specialized in business cloud software, written for the Java platform and also have a strong Linux background.

I work at Prometeo Informatica, which is a software house started by myself, aimed at SMB italian market.

My main activity is on my own business accounting software named Workplace, a cloud based solution for SMBs (accounting, invoicing, warehouse, billing, production MRP and other functions)

I also work as freelance developer for third party software house.
You can hire me for web, cloud and desktop Java applications, by contacting me on this site, my business site, or a social network.

As long time internet citizen, I have been active on some mailing list and newsgroups calling myself with nickname gl which is the one I still use.

Besides Information Technology, my passions include (in no particular order)

  • italian motors
  • girls
  • wine
  • martial arts
  • old computers

This site is about the latter, old computers.
The name comes from an old site called DECadence, run by a hungarian DEC fan, which is not online any more.
DECadence.IT name joins the DEC name, with the decadent part of this hobby: noisy, rusty, dusty and [faulty] computers

Whatever reason you came here for, I hope you find it and enjoy navigation!

gl :)